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Extended Tours

There is more to the United Kingdom than London and more still if you are prepared to take your time and tour the country.

For peace of mind, we are bonded with the Travel Trust Association through Iceland Traveller, our sister company, and offer extended tours around the country from one to seven nights or even more.

An overnight stay in Bath allows you to soak up the atmosphere of one of the UK’s most beautiful cities and really appreciate why it has been a favourite retreat for centuries.

An in-depth look at The English Home Counties
Arriving in London, it is easy to overlook the counties which surround the capital. Staying overnight and choosing a locally-based tour, gives you time to really explore the beauty, history and culture of each area.
Why stop at Bath when a short drive further west takes you to the land of my fathers? Wales is a principality in title but a country in itself.

One option is to travel around its coastline, through two of its breathtaking national parks, and up to its highest point. This can take three to five days and the exact itinerary can be tailored to your interests.

I have offered just some examples of the huge range of tours that can be organised for you. Prices vary according to the duration of the tour and the level of accommodation that fits your budget. My fees are based on an 8 hour day plus an accommodation allowance for each night away from London.

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Kent, the Garden of England
Kent has been the arrival point for European visitors for millennia (not all of them welcome!). Its coastline has a host of defensive castles, some of which effectively turned into palaces during more peaceful periods in the nation’s history.

Set atop the iconic White Cliffs, Dover Castle, for example, has borne witness to 2000 years of military history. I recommend basing ourselves in the historic city of Canterbury. From here, we can visit any number of magnificent country houses, castles and ornamental gardens.

England from South to North and on up to Scotland
If you really want to get a flavour of the country, why not explore it in depth across seven to 10 days (or more)? For example, you could begin your Journey in London, spend a day or so acclimatising, then, as they say, “Go West, young man [or woman].”

Travel to Oxford, on to Bath and Stonehenge, to mid Wales, out to Caernafon and on to Chester.

You could then rest up in York for a day or so before continuing on to the Lake District and finally to bonny Scotland (via high or low road) either concluding your adventure in Edinburgh or continuing on to Inverness for a spell in the highlands, over the sea to Skye and ending in Glasgow.

This is a whistle stop description of what’s possible and the final itinerary can be tailored to how much you want to spend – both in time and money.

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